Photo Credit: Charles Stonewall 


My artistic practice is a way for me to navigate and express my emotions. I invite, “ask” the viewer to join me on a creative journey. I create engaging art that explores spontaneity, imperfection and chance. This evolving process is in line with my philosophical, ethical and imaginative goals. My goal is to transform a space into an energized environment that transports the viewer (participant) from the unfocused everyday gaze into a dimension of discovery. My installations are three dimensional drawings, using linear materials, such as fencing and wire to define space and form. The ephemeral quality of each construction reminds the viewer of the temporary nature of their own life and condition.


Abstract, conceptual, free-flowing, organic and cerebral, I am known for attempting new things- taking disparate elements and bringing them together to create something unique. My installations reflect alternative associations with what is considered natural.

In the past five years of my 35+ art career I have become engrossed in creating installations and environments. These pieces can be “technologically mediated contemplative experiences, highlighting the role of the body, cycles of decay and revitalization, and virtual physical material transcendence and transformation. Given the current social-political climate, it has become increasingly important to create work that bridges the gaps across different perspectives and facilitate relational dialogue”. From my design and architectural background, I am compelled to create a “third dimension”. The shadows that result from this dimensionality are what drive my energy. Color and texture can carry that energy and accentuate the focal point of each piece.


My works are thought provoking vehicles to carry the viewer to a new perspective and heightened awareness of space, texture, dimension, shades, and shadows. My work has been described as, “…a quiet immersion into an alternate world representative of the artist’s energy- a wordless, delicate beauty juxtaposed by the use of heavy materials: paste, wood, metal, piping, with softer elements: cardboard, screen and mesh, which leaves one questioning preconceived notions.” I create work that investigates personal connections through enigmatic, abstract forms. My process begins with a visual diary that draws from emotional states, emphasizing capsules of time that crystalize feelings and words with color and form.


I reside, paint and build sculpture in Philadelphia, PA. USA


Francis Beaty